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Authors: Lima, Wany Teixeira
Title: Intervenção interdisciplinar do núcleo ampliado de saúde da família e atenção básica frente ao uso abusivo de psicofármacos
Keywords: Política de Saúde;Saúde Mental;Núcleo Ampliado de Saúde da Família e Atenção Básica;Psicofármacos
Issue Date: 6-May-2020
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Tocantins
Citation: LIMA, Wany Teixeira. Intervenção interdisciplinar do núcleo ampliado de saúde da família e atenção básica frente ao uso abusivo de psicofármacos. 2019. 70 f. Monografia (Especialização) - Curso de Serviço Social e Política Social, UFT, Miracema, 2020.
Abstract: This research results from the Conclusion of the Specialization Course on Social Work and Social Policy, carried out at the Expanded Center for Family Health and Basic Attention (NASF-AB) of a municipality of Tocantins, with the main objective of identifying the challenges and the possibilities of the work of the interdisciplinary team of the said Nucleus, in the attendance to the abusive use of psychoactive drugs, among the users attended in the year 2018. For this purpose, a descriptive study of a qualitative approach was carried out, through a survey bibliography of the technical references of the Ministry of Health (MS) and the researcher's field diary, with observations about the routine of NASF-AB services in the municipality. With the research, it was noticed that the daily practices of the team, were relatively supported by what proposes the recommendations of the MS, even if this realization occurs in a limited way, due to the difficulty of acting according to the outstanding demand, the fragility of the teamwork and sharing responsibilities. The scenes described in the discussion presented, pointed out the challenges of the team in the handling of the cases attended and revealed their distancing and / or approximation of the MS references. Thus, the protocol of care proposed through the results achieved, points out the possibilities of the team's performance and allows reorienting the practices of the intervention actions, seeking to discourage abusive use of psychotropic drugs. Thus, we can conclude that the research contributed significantly to thinking about NASF-AB as a space for consolidation of the SUS and, therefore, also contributed to the improvement of professionals in the area.
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